About Us

Mother Natures Preschool Ltd was first opened in 1996 by Sherry Jean. A mother of two herself, Sherry has always had a passion for working with children. Sherry recognizes the value that nature has on our children and uses this in her program philosophy. Mother Nature’s Preschool is based on the “Learning Through Play” philosophy. In a warm and nurturing environment, the children have the opportunity explore, examine, interact socially with other children, and have fun.

Sherry recognizes the importance of connection and its value to the children, as well as the community. This is why as the recipient of the ELCC grant, an Alberta-wide pilot program which provides quality child care for children 0 to kindergarten with maximum fees of $25 per day, Sherry has also chosen to partner with Chinook Village Seniors Facility to provide diverse connection within Medicine Hat.

The importance of nature and its impact on our children does not go unnoticed. Our program heavily believes in using nature in most aspects of our programming. Spending time outdoors is part of our daily programming, as well as bringing concepts from the natural world indoors.