Mother Nature’s Preschool has been like a second home for both of my children. The ladies that work there are amazing people. They have come to be like family to us and they have always treated my kids like family. They have always been great when it comes to getting the kids any sort of additional help and resources that may be needed. Even just giving advice and sharing their knowledge with me on things that i might be looking for help with when it came to dealing with something for my kids. My daughter went there for 2 years and loved it and she still loves to go see everyone there. My son has gone there for 3 years now and he also loves it. It's going to be hard for him to move on from there as he has such a great connection with everyone that works there and just all around really enjoys it there. I think that a few of the great things about Mother Nature’s Preschool is not just the people there but the things they do with the kids. Always learning about new exciting things, conducting cool experiments, going on field trips and they spend so much time outside enjoying and learning about nature. I would and have recommended this place to anybody and everybody that have small children, and I know that I couldn’t have picked a better place for my children to go and grow and learn. Thank you, Mother Nature’s Preschool.

After moving to Canada our son attended Mother Nature's Preschool (Ross Glen). Our choice was an easy one as he felt comfortable from his very first visit. He looks forward to returning almost as soon as he leaves. He is always full of stories from his adventures that day with the fantastic staff who clearly care for the children on a personal level. We had no hesitation to enroll our younger daughter when her time came. During her time her interaction skills & speech have improved greatly.

- Joanne & Martin Liddle

Thank you for always making us feel special and showing so much love for our children. Thank you for treating us all like family, we certainly consider you the same.

-Richelle & Myles Mulholland