Meet The Staff

Mother Natures Preschool Ltd is proud to employ a diverse group of childcare professionals. Each and every one of our staff is highly trained, and strongly believes in continuing education to meet the needs of the children!
Sherry Jean

Sherry is the Director and creator of Mother Natures Preschool. She has been in the childcare field for over 25 years and has been operating Mother Natures Preschool for 23 of those years!

Jen Paul

Jen is the floor supervisor at the school and ensures everything is running smoothly and meets licensing and government requirements. Jen has been in childcare and with our program for 15 years!

Michelle & Erin 

Michelle and Erin take care of all our office needs.

Classroom A Staff

Linda S- Early Childcare Worker

Trish C- Early Childcare Supervisor

Classroom B Staff

Prab K- Early Childcare Supervisor

Jamie M- Early Childcare Supervisor

Sahra N- Early Childcare Assistant

Classroom C Staff

Michelle M- Early Childcare Supervisor

Jen P- Early Childcare Supervisor

Classroom D Staff

Melanie B- Early Childcare Worker

Carissa K- Early Childcare Assistant

Heidi A- Educational Assistant