“Let Nature be your teacher.” – William Wordsworth 


About Our Programs

At Mother Natures Preschool, we believe in using aspects from nature as much as possible in our programming. This means we spend a good amount of time outside, as well as bringing items from the natural world indoors. 

We follow the childrens interests, and let the children guide our programming.

Everything from science experiments, baking, art with different mediums, sign language, gross motor activites, trips to the library, it all happens here!


Currently we have one toddler room. This room houses our littlest of friends. With soft items and lots of messy play, this room is sure to please the littlest of children. 

We have 3 other classrooms with mixed age grouping. What does this mean you might ask? It means younger children can learn from the older children, older children can act as mentors to the younger children. Friends and siblings stay together throughout their entire enrollment in our program whenever possible, creating a predicitible and stable environment. 

Imagination and exploration is encouraged with the use of loose parts, freedom and time to play, allowing kids to just be kids!